Save yourself time and money and shop at Nightingale Superstore. We have a range of fridges in stock at clearance prices, including our Heller commercial fridge and Heller glass door fridge.

At Nightingale Superstore, our International Buying Team source the best quality white goods at cheap prices, and we pass those savings on to you. Don’t hesitate to shop online with us today or visit our Altona store, open 6 days a week.

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Heller Commercial Fridge in Australia
Backed by 20 years of experience in the retail and wholesale business, we know the importance of quality white goods at affordable prices. By sourcing our commercial fridges at cheap prices, we can pass on savings to you, so you don’t break the bank buying a fridge for your business.

With sale prices below RRP, our commercial fridges are a steal. Our 525L Heller commercial fridge features a double glazed glass for display, a manual thermostat, temperature range from 0oC to -10oC, a LED display light, aluminium casing, and 4 wire racks. Shop online for a bargain today.

Heller Glass Door Fridge on Sale
For something a little bigger, check out our 960L double door Heller commercial fridge. With 8 wire racks, manual thermostat, LED display light, aluminium casing, 2 double glazed glass doors, and a capacity of 960L, this fridge is perfect for busy commercial spaces. Whether you are opening a café, restaurant, or bar, or looking for a replace fridge, our 960L double Heller glass door fridge is the ideal choice. At Nightingale Superstore, not only do we stock items at low prices, but we offer a 24 month warranty (on the compressor only).

Heller 2 Door Fridge on Sale
Opening a café or restaurant, or looking for a replacement display fridge? At Nightingale Superstore, we stock our commercial display Heller 2 door fridge, perfect for commercial spaces. With a capacity of 960L, a manual thermostat, and 2 double glazed glass doors for display. The Heller 2 door fridge features 8 wire racks, aluminium casing, a LED display light, auto defrost, a temperature range of 0oC -10oC and a 24 month warranty on the Donper compressor.

For more information on our Heller commercial fridge range or Heller 2 door fridge, give our friendly staff a call on 03 9369 4277 today, or drop by our Altona store.